Monday, October 6, 2008

'Voice Of The Doubters'

Edward saw the interview of Father Marek Bozek in the local paper, see Excommunicated St. Louis priest stresses truth over obedience, and went to the Voice Of The Faithful chapter meeting at which Father spoke. Edward later heard that Archbishop Dolan had emailed Milwaukee's priests, deacons, and parish administrators about VOTF. Edward, in an August 12, 2008 letter to our Archbishop, took issue with the email's description of the meeting and the characterization of VOTF.

Archbishop Dolan's September 16, 2008 letter in reply includes this.
My criticism is based not only on this one witness, but on six years of careful study of VOTF. My conclusion – which is shared by more and more observers – is that this group has become a knee-jerk anti-Roman, anti-Pope, anti-bishop, anti-Tradition, anti-Magisterium, anti-doctrine group who have regrettably abandoned their initial goals and now only want radical change in the Church.

Who knows, at some point we might no longer see announcements of VOTF events in the St. Al's bulletin.

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