Monday, October 13, 2008

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions National Meeting

will be held in Milwaukee October 14-18, 2008.

There will also be a local Liturgy Day October 18th. Among the Workshops,
The Spirituality of Crossing Borders - Fostering Unity in Diversity
Ms. Barbara Tracey & Brother Rufino Zaragoza, O.F.M. We know that our church is multi-cultural. How do we move beyond simply singing a song from another tradition or having a reading in a foreign language, to embracing a truly Catholic vision of the global Body of Christ in worship?

When this post is scheduled to be published, I'm scheduled to be on a parish mission trip to Peru. Based on my experience on our prior mission trips to Guatemala, I can download the order of worship for the Mass in Spanish and use it as an aid to participation wherever we wind up for Sunday Mass.

A visitor to St. Al's couldn't do the same. In fact, the few times I requested an advance copy of the custom order of worship for a Mass at St. Al's, the then-pastor didn't even follow that. Seems to me there's more global vision when a visitor from anywhere on the globe can be as prepared for Mass as a local. Why that can be true of a parish in rural Guatemala but not a parish suburban Milwaukee might make an interesting workshop.


  1. Not that long ago, the Global Order of Worship was easy to find and follow.

    It was in Latin. Every church, everywhere.

  2. And at one time the Scriptures were only in Greek, but now they're not. The Church changes and evolves over time as does anything that wants to continue to live and thrive. Mass in the vernacular is not a bad thing.