Friday, August 8, 2008

Abortion and Other Issues: How They Define Presidential Politics

From the Internet Archive, Dr. James Zogby in Washinton Watch, July 6, 1992
This past week when the Democratic Party's Platform Committee met to finalize their platform, Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey issued an appeal to fellow Democrats to join what he called the mainstream, and to support limits on abortion. The "reasonable regulations" he called for included:
not permitting abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy;

the requirement that a woman notify her husband if she is considering an abortion;

the requirement that a child notify her parents about an abortion;

that doctors be required to give women alternatives to abortion, and that there be a 24-hour waiting period after the initial doctor's visit before an abortion can be performed.

So divisive and intense is this question that, when these measures were introduced, the motion received loud boos and hisses and only received the support of two of the committee's 186 members.

(via Just One Minute)

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