Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome mat out for gender-neutral restrooms

Scott Williams reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
St. Mary's Catholic Church in Elm Grove and Unitarian Universalist Church West in Brookfield have established gender-neutral facilities.

The Rev. Suzelle Lynch, pastor of the Unitarian church, said she expects to see such restrooms become increasingly common, as society becomes more tolerant of people of various sexual orientations.

Or is it the Eurotarian church.
Lynch doubts, however, that Americans will accept European-style restrooms that allow all sexes and sexual preferences together behind one door.

What's wrong with Kansas bathrooms?
"I think people are more conservative than that," she said. "As a culture, we're a little too uptight for that."

(via Dad29 where commenter Neo-Con Tastic calls the article "misleading" regarding St. Mary's)

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  1. Neo-Con is most likely correct.

    It was my first guess that the unisex room is oriented toward 'kids-bathroom,' and it is also used for/by ushers and parishioners in extremis nausea