Friday, May 2, 2008

Notes from a Thessalonian pilgrimage

Bishop Richard J. Sklba in the Herald of Hope column in "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald, March 13, 2008, recalls a recent visit to Thessaloniki and to Thesaurus.
Sitting before the great icons of Christ Pantokrator and Mary the God Bearer (Theotokos) as I did each day, I kept thinking that the current throne of the Archbishops of Thessaloniki was in fact the "throne" of Paul himself, for the Apostle had founded the church and presided over its life sometime back in about 49 AD! I wondered about the responsibility of presiding over a truly apostolic church.


  1. "I Wonder As I Wander..."

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    NOW we know why he has been so misguided all these years. Does he even know he is a bishop?

  3. He might also wonder how Paul could "stand up Peter to his face" but he couldn't stand up Rembert to his face...