Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Deus ex papier-mache

The 2008 West Coast Regional Call To Action Conference Keynote Workshops included Leo Keegan on Vatican II Liturgy.
...Have the liturgical principles of Vatican II revitalized your parish celebration of the Eucharist? What wisdom is yet to be gleaned from the early church and the Sacred Constitution on the Liturgy to transform ministers - lay & clergy, men & women, young & old, toward an empowered, dynamic experience of prayer and celebration? Come take a look at some of the challenges before us as we move toward a renewed liturgy in our parishes. ...

Come take a look at some video CTA posted of the conference's closing liturgy.

[The CTA site may be down due to excessive bandwidth usage; here are selections from the video at YouTube. (via Midwest Conservative Journal)]

Commenter Chris says the CTA site explained "Larger-than-life puppets call us to be larger than life in our work." Can't be far from that to "Who prays with More cowbell prays twice".

(via Amy Welborn and commenter Chris at Charlotte was Both)


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I haven't laughed that hard in days. Thanks for a little something to see me through a rough patch. Those ridiculous puppets behind the altar with the massive heads and hands!!!
    Seriously, however, it's nice to see the spiritual geldings showing their age. Looks like the current demographic targeted by re-runs of the Lawrence Welk Show...and that poor "server"...dragged there, no doubt, by an aging hippy granny.
    P.S. Who's the bishop??

  2. Aquinas5:05 PM

    Sorry, but that was not a valid Mass: no wheelchair ramps to ANY of the platforms.