Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogging DRE uses technology to spread Word

Amy Guckeen reported in "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald, April 3, 2008. Heidi Russell, director of Christian formation at St. Monica, Whitefish Bay, blogs at Theological Reflections, posting about once a week. It fits the common perception of blogs as a means of personal expression; while she's a DRE, she doesn't blog in that capacity.

That is not inherent to the medium; one could have a "blogging DRE" blogging as such for a parish, or see a parish weblog for that matter.

Why don't we see that? From my experience, suggesting that blogging software might be a way to post current information on the parish website would be received about like suggesting a parish launch a space station.

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  1. That DRE's blog seems rather mushy at times especially with the old God isn't male or female so it doesn't matter how we address God.

    Maybe we should be happy most DRE's don't blog.