Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thoughts and Ponderings - No. 3

This is the the last in a of a four-part series by the Vicar of Planning of our Archdiocese of Milwaukee. His final topic is the mission of the Church, which sounds like a good place to start, not end. We quickly go from mission to mission creep.
the thoughts that I now present are only a beginning for what I hope will trigger many additional ideas, from all who read this document, about our mission. Thus, I hope that you will help to develop the list of the “mission items” that Archbishop Dolan should keep in mind as he prepares his archdiocesan pastoral plan. Please, let me know your thoughts.

This sounds susceptible to producing what our Archdiocese doesnt't need, a longer agenda with less focus.

As always "no order of priority is intended." He starts with "Pray and Worship" and starts that with the sacraments and Mass which "will always hold the central position in the mission of the Church and not be an option." So he intends some priority after denying it or nothing is an option, but in either case manages to make it sound unlike planning.

Next is "Proclaim the Word" on formation and education, which he suggests should be done and done well.

Third is "Build Community" which also should be done.

Fourth is "Serve Those in Need", ditto.

At our Archdiocese of Milwaukee's website there recently was reposted a sidebar link to Archbishop Dolan's Six Pastoral Priorities for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from Fall 2004. This links to his detailed explanation, The Catholic Church Of Southeastern Wisconsin: A Light To The World. It would have made more sense to have had Father Connell explicitly build on that. Archbishop Dolan, for one thing, not only intended but stated an order of priorities.

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