Friday, February 1, 2008

Sifting and sorting: Welcoming elements of culture into our liturgical life

This "Herald of Hope" column by Bishop Richard J. Sklba appeared in "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald.
If, as I pointed out last month, we have an obligation to critique the American culture within which we live...
His critique included that "There also seems to be a rampant militarism in our attitude toward life." such as how we "... make khaki-colored clothing so trendy for adults ...". (see this earlier post)
...[then] we also are invited to incorporate that culture wisely into our life of faith.

Which introduces his subject.
Shortly before Christmas I presided over the annual celebration of the Winter Solstice at our Native American Catholic Congregation of the Great Spirit.

His 2006 celebration lead to an exchange of emails with David Anthony Domet of Vox Cantor, in which the Bishop concluded,
I would encourage you to come directly to me for any explanation you might find helpful, and certainly to do so in the spirit of charity and truth which we owe each other.

I must admit I haven't asked him to elaborate on his denunciation of some of my pants.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 AM wonders why the Bishop allowed the people in the parish to burn Tobacco (one of the most addictive substances around) during this "Winter Solstice" Mass considering his previous comments on addictions........I guess as long as the addictive substance is inculturated in the Mass that must make it okay.