Thursday, February 7, 2008

Seeking a return to moral authority

Mark Belling, in his February 6, 2008 column says such a return for our Archdiocese of Milwaukee means,
[Archbishop] Dolan needs to publicly disassociate the Milwaukee church from [Archbishop] Weakland.

With Karen Marie Knapp unavailable, I'll say that literally can't be done. Some alternative suggestions are in this earlier post.

(via Right On)


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Not just Weakland, but Sklba and the whole lot of them. THEN, maybe the people will believe that Archbishop Dolan is serious about cleaning up this mess!

  2. Since we pray not to receive what we truly deserve, I'd settle for a shot at certain folks in the dunk tank.

    For all I know, I might wind up on someone else's list. If they'll pony up the donation, so be it. But protocol, please. This is, I assume, the initial implementation of Lumen Gentium Ch. III-IV as applied to dunk tanks. Clergy first, then religious, then staff, then we laity, etc..