Thursday, January 3, 2008

Witnessing the Gospel: Another take on 'evangelization'

Bishop Richard J. Sklba wrote the "Herald of Hope" column in the December 13, 2007 issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald.
Earlier this month the archdiocese inaugurated an evangelization initiative titled Living our Faith: Meet Christ! Know Christ! Live Christ! I'd like to offer some further thoughts about the implied opportunity to take a hard look at our American way of life as part of this effort. We simply can't accept some of the attitudes taken for granted around us these days! Allow me to list of few of the issues as I see them.

He starts with the Drug Culture.
If our youth engage in illegal substances, they only imitate their elders. There is enough addiction to go around for everyone. Blaming the farmers in Colombia won't help until we remove the demand here at home. We have a long way to go before we Christian Americans understand the fundamental command to pick up our cross and bear discomfort.

That same issue provided this timely example, Brookfield parish coping with arrest of pastor.
In another area of life, our American society has become diseased by the sad presumption that huge amounts of money make the best political campaign and surface the finest leaders.

Why are millions for, say, a state-wide election campaign surprising in light of the $9 million fund-raising expense of our Archdiocese's Faith In Our Future campaign?
There also seems to be a rampant militarism in our attitude toward life.

He leads with an odd choice of examples.
The ease with which we give war toys to children at Christmas and make khaki-colored clothing so trendy for adults ...

You might recall his earlier column on a violent world started by citing Popeye cartoons (see this earlier post). I'm surprised he didn't use Navy-veteran Popeye here as an example of rampant militarism. Providentially, indications are Popeye did not achieve a rank permitting him to wear a khaki uniform.

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