Sunday, January 13, 2008

St. Alphonus Parish Council Minutes December 3, 2007

Posted on the bulletin board in the church foyer.

In the Pastor's report,
Sometime after 1/08 notice in bulletin about ad hoc committee for freshening on church interior including painting, cleaning, lighting.

The prevailing mindset of parish leadership is largely unchanged since the 1970s, and the interior of the church building embodying that mindset is largely unchanged since the dedication in 1985. Our pastor said in today's homily that some people think of St. Al's [stats D16 15th/15 27%] as "cutting edge", but as you can see it's more Museum of the Cutting Edge.

In New Business, some old business, and a peek into parish politics.
A church for Xeochoil [sic] update ... Outreach [Committee] is not in favor of dedicating a Sunday for church at this time as money was given to Friendship w/o Borders

the parish's group for foreign mission trips
5 years ago (which, it was noted, was returned as sufficient funds were raised elsewhere)

and they [Outreach] do not support "bricks & mortar" projects. Outreach does not see this as a relationship building endeavor.

On the parish website, it says of Outreach,
The role of this committee is to allocate to Christian charities at the local, state, federal, and international level the amount which the Parish collects in special collections. This committee is directly accountable to the Parish Council.

This gives you some idea what "accountable" means at St. Al's. (Maybe that helps explain our liturgy.)

This item in the minutes goes on,
Support timeline to be approx. 1 year, for $35,000 in funds, which would be our maximum support. ...

(See this earlier post.)

P.S. Xecoil looks like it would be a component for a photocopy machine, but is pronounced shay-co-eel' ala KC and the Sunshine Band.

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