Sunday, January 20, 2008

Political Football

Lauren Fox of Shorewood, Wisconsin, is one of five writers around the country asked by The New York Times op-ed page to file regular dispatches on the presidential race. From her report in today's edition,
A month before our Feb. 19 primary, frenzied, feverish discussion of the Packers, who are one game from the Super Bowl, has all but obliterated more contentious political debate. Local reporters wear green and gold and top off the nightly newscasts not with stories about candidates or issues, but with quirky tales of fans building shrines in their homes or Brett Favre ice sculptures in their front yards. The streets are frequently empty of cars, and there are precious few political yard signs to be found.

I don't see a downside.

In the Times Sports section there's Games Hardened by Winter Stay Deeply Etched in Memory by John Branch, and All Roads Still Lead to Lombardi by Dave Anderson.

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