Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCann advised 'another chance' for priest

Marie Rohde reports in the online edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on documents released by our Archdiocese of Milwaukee as part of the settlement of California lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of children by priests.
as early as 1983, church officials went to E. Michael McCann, then Milwaukee County district attorney, and told him about a pedophile priest's record of sex abuse, without naming the priest.

McCann reportedly advised the church to take the priest out of ministry "for about five years, and if no complaints come forth in that time perhaps he can be given another chance." McCann did not ask for the priest's name nor raise issues of prosecuting the priest criminally.

I recall that former Archbishop Weakland confided in Mr. McCann about the relationship with Paul Marcoux. In the later negotiations with Marcoux, our Archdiocese's lawyer allegedly represented that McCann called Marcoux's demands extortion.

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Well what would you expect from E. Michael McCann? He also found that Archbishop Weakland committed no "crime" when he used a half a million dollars of the people's money to pay off his lover. What other CEO of any compnay could get away with that?