Monday, December 31, 2007

No More Classical Radio

Obie Yadgar in the Shepherd Express, December 27, 2007, on the format change at Milwaukee's WFMR earlier this year.
The loss of classical radio may seem insignificant to many people. In the big scheme of things, what's the loss of another art form? But all the losses in the arts simply add more casualties in the battle to keep the nation's cultural life from draining away. ...

It is a sad reality to face, especially when you realize that in a small way WFMR helped place our city above many others of its size because of the richness of its cultural life.

Tom Strini, the local paper's music critic, had been rather sanguine about it: Lack of listeners made classical radio untenable. Maybe someday we'll be shrugging off news on the radio, or internet, that lack of subscribers made our daily newspaper untenable.

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  1. Yadgar's take is the right one.

    And unless you have a super-duper XYZ-chromosomed radio receiver, you can't get the classics-programming from NPR in Milwaukee, either.