Monday, December 24, 2007

C. S. Lewis

I believe in Purgatory..., from Letters To Malcom: Chiefly on Prayer,, by C.S.Lewis, chapter 20, paragraphs 7-10, pages 108-109, at Holy Souls Crusade (via New Advent)

She relates much that is familiar about Lewis’s life and a little that is less well known, concentrating on his childhood traumas and his adult friendship with J. R .R. Tolkien, who considered Narnia “a disgracefully slapdash creation,” Miller writes, rather than the kind of painstaking self-enclosed world he created in Lord of the Rings. --Gregory Maguire, Young Love, The New York Times, December 19, 2008, review of The Magician's Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia, by Laura Miller

What Would Jack Do? The Japery column, New Pantagruel, December 2, 2004

C.S. Lewis and Mother Kirk: Why Lewis was a Protestant, by S.M. Hutchens, Books & Culture, November/December 2004

Lewis biography takes an honest approach, review by Kevin O'Kelly of C.S. Lewis: A Life, by Michael White, Boston Globe, November 3, 2004

When Worldviews Collide, by Armand Nicholi, Jr., at Leadership U.

Why There Are Seven Chronicles of Narnia: British scholar discovers hidden design of C.S. Lewis' perennially popular series, by John Wilson, Books and Culture, April 25, 2003

Lewis Reimagined, review by Alan Jacobs of C. S. Lewis Then and Now, by Wesley Kort, First Things, March 2002

A labour of loathing: The worship of Philip Pullman, who has set out to destroy Narnia, by Peter Hitchens, Spectator, January 18, 2003

He Draws Them to Him: C. S. Lewis converted. Now he converts, by Gina R. Dalfonzo, Guest Comment, National Review Online, December 21, 2002

Narnia books attacked as racist and sexist: Philip Pullman dismisses work of C S Lewis as blatant religious propaganda, by John Ezard, The Guardian, June 3, 2002

Lewis Remembered, by Gilbert Meilaender, First Things August/September 1999

C. S. Lewis in the Public Square, by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things, December 1998

C. S. Lewis on Mere Science, by M. D. Aeschliman, First Things, October, 1998

The Darkside of Narnia by Philip Pullman, The Guardian, October 1, 1998, republished by Richard James at The Cumberland River Lamp Post

The Everyday C.S. Lewis, by Gilbert Meilaender, First Things, August/September 1998

The Second Coming of C. S. Lewis, by Alan Jacobs, First Things, November 1994

The Newtape File: I, First Things, March 1993
The Newtape File: II, First Things, April 1993
The Newtape File: III, First Things, May 1993
The Newtape File: IV, First Things, June/July 1993
The Newtape File: V, First Things, August/September 1993
by Jean Bethke Elshtain

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