Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Democrats Will Do For America What the UAW Has Done for Chrysler, GM and Ford"

Mickey Kaus (March 3, 2007 3:36 P.M.) wonders
Do Democrats really want to campaign in 2008 on eliminating the secret ballot in union elections? Luckily, they'll probably be saved by Mitch McConnell. ... P.S.: Only 7% of private sector workers are now unionized. Is that a) because of all that employer foul play (what Dems tell each other inside the cocoon) or b) because the ponderous legalistic and adversarial structure of the Wagner Act--advancement by seniority, due process, work rules, labor-management negotiation--is especially unsuited to competing in a tumultuous, innovating economy that prizes flexibility and adaptability over predictability and job security? ...

For an example of the Democrats' "cocoon" he links to Daily Kos but dotCommonweal would serve as well.

Update: More from Kaus

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