Saturday, December 30, 2006

Harold Bloom

Recommended reading:
by Harold Bloom at Reading Rat

Electronic text:

Dumbing down American readers, by Harold Bloom, The Boston Globe, September 24, 2003


Featured Author: Harold Bloom: With News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times

Appendices to The Western Canon (1994), hyptertext by Robert Teeter

Criticism (articles, essays, reviews):

Culture Gods from Emerson to Bird, Christopher Lydon Interviews Harold Bloom, September 3, 2003

Bloomin' Genius by Joseph Epstein, The Hudson Review, Summer 2002
(via Alexander Nazaryan at Armavirumque

Song of himself: Harold Bloom on God, by Marc M. Arkin, a review of The American Religion, by Harold Bloom, The New Criterion, May 1992

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