Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Water czar will lead efforts to conserve

Darryl Enriquez reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on plans by the state Public Service Commission to create a position to more efficiently oversee efforts to coordinate water conservation.

How this and similar positions resemble the Czars, or why anyone would want them to, remains as unclear as ever. Will meter readers be modeled on the Okhranka? Does it create the potential to blame problems on a water rasputin? If the water czar is unpopular, will he be overthrown, leading to a takeover by a water lenin and a water stalin?

Update: It's time for a water czar editorializes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
It's time to stop wasting water. Creating a new position to help communities do that would be a solid first step.

"I'm from the government czar, and I'm here to help."

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