Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Walrus Was Paul!

It was forty years ago today ...

Massimo Polidoro's "Notes on a Strange World" column in Skeptical Inquirer on the aftermath of the November 9, 1966 death of Paul McCartney.
With Paul's death, however, a big problem arose: the Beatles were at the peak of their career and the loss of one of their members would mean the end of the show for them and for the industry behind them. Thus, somebody had the idea of never revealing Paul’s death and hiring an impostor in his place, somebody who looked like him and could play music. Some sources claimed that the imposter was an actor named William Campbell, the winner of a Paul McCartney lookalike contest and, conveniently, an orphan from Edinburgh. Of course, it didn't hurt to assume that Campbell could write the same type of songs as McCartney and just happened to have the same voice.

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