Monday, November 6, 2006

Some walk, most stay for Mass message

Doug Erickson reports in the Wisconsin State Journal on reaction to the recorded homily which Madison's Bishop ordered all priests to play at yesterday's masses.
"I could have stayed in there and pretended I was soaking it up, but why be a hypocrite?" said [Frank] McMahon, as he waited out the 14-minute message from Morlino by gazing at a quilt hanging in the church vestibule.

(So that's what those banners and cloth hangings are for.)
A handful of other parishioners also walked out, unwilling to hear Morlino's opposition to three controversial issues -- same-sex marriage, the death penalty and embryonic stem-cell research.

(via Open Book)


  1. I heard about it on NPR heading to work.

    So who should lead on these issues? The conscience of the individual person, or the teachings of the Church?

  2. One way I've seen this explained is that conscience is made up of both our ability to make moral judgments and the criteria we judge by. Church teaching is a source of those criteria.