Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Name Is Our Game

Sometimes willing to try new things, I signed up for the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, and began receiving its quarterly publication. After a few, there was an issue with this Editor's Note by Joan Fischer on a name change. The former name,
Wisconsin Academy Review was, well, academic, in a dry and daunting sense of the word.

No more than the name Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. I expected an academy to be academic, in some sense. In the Review's case, is expected the sense to be a variation on the Wisconsin Idea [94 pp. pdf], an academic review for everyone. Instead it's what I imagine the alumni magazine for an Evjue College would be like.
The Wisconsin Academy's mission is, in colloquial terms, "to connect people and ideas for a better Wisconsin." Our magazine title now gives you "Wisconsin People & Ideas." Pretty simple, eh?

Perfect, if the mission is to connect simple people and simple ideas.

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