Friday, November 17, 2006

More Triumphs in Catholic Catechesis

Catholic and Enjoying It! on being Catholic and not enjoying it.
So many Catholics find their way into contact with some warm, loving, vibrant Evangelical community that welcomes them, affirms their baptismal gifts, actively looks for ways in which that person can be both fed spiritually and also given constructive work for the Kingdom of God. What happens is much more like falling in love than accepting a syllogism. And so the Catholic becomes an Evangelical--because they were loved.

... Theological excuses for rejecting Catholic teaching get layered on top of the real reason: which was that Catholic fellowship sucked and left people feeling unloved and unconnected with the Church any living way and Evangelical fellowship did not. Often what drives the search for theological excuses to stay away from the Catholic Church is the fear that, should the Church's claims turn out to be sound, one will be exiled back to that loveless parish one left.

He continues, quoting a comment, in this later post.

Look for many parishes to eventually conclude it's not enough to have "welcoming" in the mission statement; they need to add "warm" in there, too.

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