Sunday, November 5, 2006

Hot button issues: Sex

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan in the "Herald of Hope" column in our Catholic Herald recalls a summer barbecue with some Catholics in their 20s.
One of the young participants during that enjoyable evening asked me, "Archbishop, why is the church so against sex? The church always seems to condemn sex and warn people about it being immoral." I had to admit, that was a question I often hear.

It just so happened that, on the way over to that visit that same evening, I had heard on the news that Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, had just turned 80. So, I asked the young woman who had posed the question, "Who do you think has a more exalted, uplifting, noble view of sex: Hugh Hefner, or the Catholic church?"

I expected the response would be "Who's Hugh Hefner?" but a discussion ensued. He sums up with this entry for the Unabashed Catechism.
So, if sexual love is a mirror of the Lord’s love for us, it must have the same characteristics: it is forever, it is life-giving, and it is faithful: That can occur only in the lifelong, life-giving, faithful relationship of a man and woman in marriage.

Sexual love is so sacred, so vitally important for us, so tender, sensitive, and noble, that God intends it only for a man and woman united in a marriage that is forever, faithful, and fruitful (giving new life in children).

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  1. not sure what happened to my last comment...but I wanted to add that this more summed things up:

    :The church is far from a prude. Quite the opposite! She has such a deep appreciation of the power and fascination of sex that she wants only to foster and protect it. The virtue that helps us responsibly care for the gift of sexuality the way the Lord intended is called chastity."

    There isn't enough talk about what exactly is Chastity, other that it's something else that makes you accountable to God, or your parents.