Friday, November 24, 2006

Hospital chaplain and cancer survivor Anita Lorbiecki knows firsthand the power of faith

Annysa Johnson reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Froedtert Hospital's longest-living recipient of a bone-marrow transplant and now one of the hospital's chaplains, Lorbiecki was a young wife with an 18-month-old daughter when she was diagnosed in December 1985 with what was then an incurable cancer.

She and here husband Glenn had just bought a home on the south side of Milwaukee.
Afterward, her husband drove her to her parents' home, where it was clear they already knew. Devout Catholics who'd raised their five children in the faith, John and Dorothy Berns were waiting for them, and Dorothy Berns draped a medal bearing the likeness of Christ's mother around her daughter's neck.

"She said, when we were born, she'd had each of her children dedicated to the Blessed Mother," Anita Lorbiecki recalled, tears trickling down her face. "She said she was sure I was going to be OK. I wasn't so sure at that point."

It looks like the Lobbieckis recently joined St. Paul's Parish [3 pp. pdf], still on the south side.

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