Saturday, November 4, 2006

For her, faith means activism

Tom Heinen in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interviews Sister Joan Chittister, in town to address the Call To Action convention.
The talk she prepared for some 3,000 people at the start of Call to Action's national conference here Friday night urged them to remain committed to creating a better world without retreating into the security of personal piety in troubled times.

In some circles, the distinction between "righteousness" and "self-righteousness" has been lost. Looks like a similar process might be underway for "security" and "false security".

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Update: Speaking of personal piety, Brian Olszewski reported in our Catholic Herald on a New market for Sacred Heart devotion.
Fr. Michael Lightner, associate pastor of St. Francis Borgia Parish, Cedarburg, has been the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Apostleship of Prayer director since July 1. The archdiocese is one of approximately 30 U.S. dioceses with a director. ...

He is also linking devotion to the Sacred Heart and the growing demand for eucharistic adoration he has seen at his parish, where exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place all day Monday, and for a half hour on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. ...

Fr. Kubicki noted that there is a "danger in adoration and in this devotion to encourage a 'Jesus and me relationship.'" That is why he emphasizes that what occurs in eucharistic adoration is a beginning that has to be translated into actions.

"What we try to do as you grow in a personal relationship with Jesus is take on the mind, thoughts, heart and affections of Jesus," he said. "As you do that, you can't leave his presence and then go into world and look at people same way. You begin to see other people as Jesus sees them…love shows itself in deeds."

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