Saturday, November 4, 2006

Church on Marriage Referendum

The link with the above title at Catholics for Peace and Justice is to A Letter to Catholics in Wisconsin on Defining Marriage in Our State Constitution by the Wisconsin Bishops, June 2006. Perfectly consistent with CPJ's Vision Statement saying,
Catholics for Peace and Justice will:

Actively build a broad base organization of Catholics who are united by their faith and commitment to the Church's teaching of human dignity and social justice. [my emphasis]

So what does CPJ consider Church teaching? The Learn With Us > Social Teaching sidebar link takes you to a page explaining What is Catholic Social Teaching? It cites the Bible, Aquinas, and papal encyclicals. The Learn With Us > CST Documents sidebar link is to a page which lists a USCCB statement and papal encyclicals. The sidebar link and Issues link on the Death Penalty are to a page citing a USCCB statement, a Vatican statement, and Archdiocesan resources.

But after the link to the Bishops' letter on the marriage amendment, there are links to the opposing views of Fr. Brian Massingale and of the Priests Alliance. And under Abortion, the only home page link is to "A Little Less Confrontation, a Little More Action" - Finding Common Ground on Both Sides of the Abortion Issue. There are opposing views on every issue CPJ raises, but the only opposing views they acknowledge are those touching on Church teaching on sexual issues. And when there are such opposing views, CPJ abandons its criteria for Church teaching. If Church teaching can be whatever an Associate Professor of Theology thinks on one issue, why not any issue?

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