Monday, November 20, 2006

Catechetical Gripe of the Day

At Open Book, Amy Welborn's gripe is the misinterpretation of Luke 10:25-37
"A man asked Jesus, 'How can I be a good neighbor?'"

in a take-home booklet for self-study. She provides a link to Luke 10 in the online New American Bible at the USCCB website.

Which brings up another catechetical gripe. There are hypertext anchors for each verse in the USCCB's online NAB but they don't provide the links for them. I found them only by viewing the source code.

For example, the citation to Luke 10:25-37 can be linked directly to chapter 10 at verse 25:

For that matter, I wonder why every significant USCCB and Vatican document doesn't have such internal links noted, as well as hyper-linked cross-references within them to the cited point in any other document.

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