Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ask the Pastor

At Milwaukee's Saint Sebastian web site,
Ask the Pastor anything! Father Richard Aiken will have an answer. Questions and answers will be posted regularly.

Temporarily under construction. Check back soon!

Q1. What does Father Aiken now consider "soon"?

Update: The News & Events page says
16 October 2006

New website launched! Stay tuned as we make changes and add new features.

so we know "soon" means at least 27 days.

Update 2: I noticed that St. Seb's Liturgical Ministries include
Sacristan - Paid and volunteer positions with responsibilities that include assisting presiders and other liturgical ministers and maintaining order in the sacristy.

Might be a question in that.


  1. The challenges found in this assignment are principally in keeping the priest away from extemporaneous improvements of the Roman liturgy.

  2. I almost expected you'd comment the sacristans wouldn't have problems keeping order in the sanctuary if we had concealed carry.