Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Halloween Mass

The Photo Show of Halloween Mass 2006 by St. Kenneth Catholic Community raises a question at The Cafeteria Is Closed,
What I don't get is why everything has to have a Mass in it - why not just have a parish party in the hall or something the like? I guess it's all the horizontal inclusivity that's robbed people of the sense of Mass as a sacrifice as opposed to a mere communal meal - from there it's not far to "party".

At Open Book, an answer.
Someone - perhaps in our previous discussion of Halloween Mass 1.0 - wondered if some of this insistence on playing with Mass and incorporating really inapporpriate music into Mass could be blamed, in part on the fact that in much of the Catholic world, everything but Mass was wiped out. Can't blame it all on V2, now. There are the sociological reasons, the development of suburbia, the collapse of close-knit ethnic communities, the mobility.

But still. If you know your History of Pastoral Practices, you know that all of that other stuff became distinctly declasse in the Bright New Church. So everything got dumped on Sunday Mass.

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