Friday, August 12, 2005

Twenty years after rebirth, Messmer continues to celebrate

John Heiderscheidt reviewed the attempt by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to close Messmer High School in the Catholic Herald August 4, 2005. This was in the 1980s, and was thwarted by parents and students.

If someone writes an account of Archbishop Weakland's administration, the attempt to close Messmer might be a chapter all by itself. The article recalls the hierarchical hardball, closing the school a week early to thwart possible protests, and immediatey removing furnishings to make independent operation more difficult.

That's when Peter Salza, a local lawyer and member of the committee, got a temporary injunction to stop the pillaging of Messmer.

First rape, then pillage. Maybe that could be the chapter title.


  1. "...first rape, then pillage..."


    first rape, then $450K?

  2. Not much more than our Archdiocese got for Messmer.

    I wonder if they considered offering Mr. Marcoux a high school instead of cash.