Saturday, April 3, 2021

Higher Ed's 7 Deadly Sins: And how we might atone.

Steven Mintz at Inside Higher Ed.

"Decrying higher ed’s flaws and failings is, of course, like shooting fish in a barrel -- our shortcomings are everywhere. But what should we do if we wish to atone for the academy’s sins? Here are my suggestions. [which include]
"Design and deliver courses that go beyond subject mastery. Among the most distinctive features of American higher education is its embrace of liberal education, an education that seeks to foster the qualities we expect of an adult, including the ability to manage time, collaborate, communicate effectively and extract, evaluate, interpret and convey information. Of equal importance is cultural development, instilling historical and cross-cultural awareness, numeracy, and a familiarity with all the liberal arts. What does that mean? Integrate writing, ethics, critical thinking, close reading and reflection into all of your classes" ...

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