Friday, April 16, 2021

Dostoevsky and the Fiery Word

Review by Father Richard J. Neuhaus of Dostoevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet, 1871-1881, by Joseph Frank, at First Things.

"He started out to write a modest book on the novels, but then, as he rather understates the matter, 'my initial intention would grow in size and scope.' Decades later, we have the fifth, final, and very big volume of a biography that will be a standard reference for as long as there are people interested in Dostoevsky, which I like to think will be until Our Lord returns in glory."

See Dostoevsky, "White Nights" in Gateway to the Great Books (10 Vol., 1963) volume 3, and The Brothers Karamazov in Great Books of the Western World (first edition, 52 Vol., 1952) volume 52, (second edition, 60 Vol., 1990) volume 52.

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