Monday, March 7, 2016

A new book’s vilification of Tony Blair

M.S. reviews Broken Vows, by Tom Bower, for the Prospero column at The Economist. This was among the familiar issues.
"Mr Bower’s charge-sheet against the former prime minister is predictably devastating. ... He intentionally deceived voters: ... by presiding over an undeclared open-door immigration policy.
"Mr Bower’s forensic examination of Labour’s approach to immigration under Mr Blair is particularly damaging. His charge that Mr Blair encouraged Labour ministers to connive in turning a blind eye to a broken system and then fiddled the numbers by giving so-called 'bogus' asylum seekers work permits unfortunately sticks. More than half a million migrants were entering the country each year, to the growing dismay of traditional Labour voters. But the government remained insouciant, convinced that Tory objections were racist and ignored the economic benefits. Whatever its motives, the immigration policies of Mr Blair's government have done Labour lasting damage."

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