Monday, January 26, 2015

Of 21 oak trees selected, only six to be saved during South North Cape Road work

John Rasche reported at Franklin Now.
"Last year, the Franklin Common Council agreed to spend $50,000 in order to save 21 trees along the road that were endangered by reconstruction [by Milwaukee County].
"'The idea was to save 21 trees, but that was done … before the designs were complete, and before we knew how much it was going to cost to save those trees,' said City Engineer Glen Morrow.

"Morrow said that in order to save all 21 trees, the city would have to spend $150,000 under the final calculations ... .

"'We worked with the county to try and get it down to within your budget and these (six) trees were the most significant,' Morrow said.

"The final cost to save those six trees comes in at around $38,000, including $20,000 in fees for additional county engineering resources that were used to construct the multiple road designs.

"'It was hard for me to spend $50,000 on (saving) 21 trees, and I can't support this much for just six trees,' said Alderwoman Janet Evans. ...
"The council approved the South North Cape agreement with the county in a 4-1 vote. Evans opposed the motion."

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