Saturday, April 26, 2014

Francis effect...ive?

The Economist comments on 'The pope as a turnaround CEO'.
"How has a septuagenarian Argentine succeeded in galvanising one of the world’s stodgiest outfits? Essentially by grasping three management principles."


  1. are there any statistics to back anything up, or is it more of a perceptive thing?

  2. So far, perceptions.

    As a measure of the talk to action ratio, I'm waiting to see how many Roman and Italian parishes turn unused convents into refugee centers, as he so conspicuously urged.

    The local counterpart, I suppose, is the question whether the former rectory at my parish will continue to be used for "outreach" programs or demolished.

  3. it is a nice rectory, perhaps it should just be used as such. I've never understood why the priests now live away from their parishes, or communities or w/e is hip to call it.
    Fulton SHeen once complained that he wanted to take an unused convent and convert it to such a purpose but was rebuked by the laity, then two years later he could do literally nothing with it.
    Im interested in seeing if this Francis effect is more than nice sounding rhetoric, I do hope so.