Monday, December 23, 2013

Concentric split-topping pizza

Here's a solution to the problem of preparing a split-topping pizza when one person not only wants different ingredients, but also prefers slices without edge crust.

Using a circular pizza crust, and the mathematical skills from high school that you knew would come in handy one day, calculate the area of the crust.*

Next, using those same skills, select a springform pan of approximately half the area of the pizza crust.

After putting sauce on the crust, put the springform pan rim in the center of the pie. You may want to press down to weaken, but not split, the crust.

Add the ingredients within the inner circle formed by the springform pan rim for the person who prefers pieces without the edge crust. Outside, put the ingredients for the person who doesn't mind or prefers pieces with edge crust.

After all ingredients are on, remove the springform pan rim and bake as usual.

When ready, slice into wedges. Test if the two parts of one slice will easily pull apart at the dividing line. If not, then also slice the pie around that line. (See no. 14 "Cut into concentric circles", at Funny Instructions by Pizza Fans.)

* r2; see, also, Pizza theorem.

P.S. This process might be simplified if the pan for making Pizza pie with concentric rings of crust (U.S. patent 5508049) is, or becomes, available.

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