Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pfleger pfinally pfaltered. But why?

Mark Stricherz at Get Religion notes a report in the Chicago Sun-Times that the temporarily suspended Father Michael Pfleger is apartment hunting. I'd suggest he pflee to The Pfister for a pfew weeks, but he says,
"I'm going to buy a bed and get some furniture from the church basement and move into an apartment in the neighborhood," a deflated-sounding Pfleger told me, while the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ where Pfleger made the fiery statements late last month that got him into this latest donnybrook with the cardinal, waited to take him to a late dinner. "I'm trying to find out what [George] means by 'a couple of weeks.' There's no timeline. There's no date. Give me a time. It just says a couple of weeks. I don't know . . . "

Mr. Stricherz also links to this Chicago Tribune story.
On Sunday at his parish, Pfleger apologized, and on Monday he issued a statement seeking to clarify another controversial snippet from his sermon. When he said "America is the greatest sin against God," Pfleger said, it was a simple mistake and the first word should have been "racism."

Simple mistake or pfreudian slip?


  1. Ha, you write some high-larious titles, second only to Dawn Eden. I'm jealous.

    There's no date. Give me a time.

    Pfleger seems unduly time-conscious, don't you think? He's acting like an uptight white dude or somethin', and it may cost him his wigger credentials. Two weeks is two weeks. 14 days. What's he want, hours?

  2. And I suppose his remarks about Sen. Clinton make it hard for him to now say he's entitled to a position.