Thursday, May 29, 2008

Through a Glass, Darkly: Secrecy and the Catholic Church

Inside Catholic, May 27, 2008, interviews Russell Shaw on his book, Nothing To Hide: Secrecy, Communication, and Communion in the Catholic Church.
Isn't the problem larger than secrecy?

Yes, it is. As I say in the book, the abuse of secrecy has a number of cousins -- stonewalling, happy talk, spin, deception, failure to consult, rejection of accountability, things like that. The family resemblance is that, like secrecy, these are all breakdowns in the open, honest communication that ought to be the rule in the communio of the Church.

Also at the family reunion: the brush off, the runaround, feigning umbrage, the blow-up, gaming the system.

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  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Great additions, but you forgot my personal favorite. Having a position of authority within the parish, calling the police and stating there is a bomb in the gym full of children playing basketball, accepting kudos from your fellow committee members for heroically evacuating the same gym, and then (did he act alone, or not??) attempting to frame a fellow parishioner for the felony act. Feigning umbrage and the blow-up are only the preliminaries to this act.