Saturday, December 15, 2007

Solar Auxiliary Power, and other news

News first, then upcoming events

Think Priest Video
- Hear from the Seminarians, Rector Father Don Hying & Archbishop Dolan as they share their thoughts on St. Francis Seminary.
- Archbishop Dolan's shares his story on his calling to the priesthood.
- Matt Widder talks about taking on the life of a seminarian.

Capitol Update December 7, 2007
Wisconsin Catholic Conference
Contents Include:
1. WCC Opposes Changes to Rules for Abuse Claims
2. WCC Supports Bill to Criminalize Human Trafficking
3. WCC Supports Increased Funding for Public Defenders
4. WCC Supports Parental Leave for School Activities

WCC backs greater access to legal services
December 7, 2007 press release, Wisconsin Catholic Conference (on no. 3, above)

Brookfield pastor charged with possessing crack
St. John Vianney [stats D4 11th/16 33%] priest had served Weakland. By Tom Heinen. From the Dec. 12, 2007 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Advent - A Time to Learn How to Wait
This column by Fr. Ron Rolheiser ran in the December 13, 2007 issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "...Chastity is not, first of all, something to do with sex. ..."

Religion Briefing
From the Dec. 15, 2007 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, including "Archbishop is guest at Anglican Catholic Mass" (that's the Anglican Catholic Archbishop).

Faith and Everyday Life
by Rev. James Lobacz, Vocations Office, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, from Life Long Faith Formation Weekend. (That's everyday life with Bernard Lonergan.)

Bishop Sklba will Celebrate Mass for the Winter Solstice at Congregation of the Great Spirit [stats D14 12th/14 32%]
December 16th (Where did the year go?)

Vespers Service to Welcome Bishop-elect William P. Callahan, OFM Conv.
December 20th at Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist [stats D13 4th/13 55%]

Catholic Knights presents Living Our Faith with Archbishop Timothy Dolan - Episode #4
December 22nd

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