Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rolheiser: disturbed or disturbing? and other news

News first, then upcoming events

Casa Maria Catholic Worker House January 2008
"Burger King is next on the list and so far they’ve been a tough cookie."

Catholic Knights presents Living Our Faith with Archbishop Timothy Dolan - Episode #5
"Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker join[ed] Archbishop Dolan to talk about challenges our community faces in 2008.
"Students from St. Andrew School in Delavan share[d] their New Year's Resolutions and talk[ed] about the importance of keeping promises."

An Invitation Inside of Christmas
This column by Father Ron Rolheiser ran in the December 20, 2007 issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald.
"And so some of us send Christmas greetings urging delight, celebration, gifts, lights, and joyous song, while some of us send more stark greetings that say: 'May the peace of Christ disturb you!'"

Advent - A Time to Learn How to Wait
This column by Father Ron Rolheiser ran in the December 13, 2007 issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald.
"Annie Dillard shares this story about proper waiting: She had been watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon..." (It'll be a long wait. If it had a cocoon, it's a moth, not a butterfly.)

Religion Briefing
From the Dec. 29, 2007 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, including,
"John Braun and the Sheboygan-based Riverfront Ramblers will present a Dixieland jazz worship service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church ..."

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  1. A bit surprised to see the liberal Rolheiser against pre-marital sex. You can't take that for granted anymore.