Thursday, December 20, 2007

GodTube's virtual flock

Tom Heinen interviewed Chris Wyatt, founder and CEO of GodTube, a Christian "video-sharing and social-networking site" for the December 15, 2007 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Q:Is there anything significant about GodTube that is being overlooked?

A: A lot of attention gets paid to the growth of the Web site. A quarter of a million people, approximately, have signed up to our social network, and we launched it (about two months) ago.

That's pretty significant. Who it is, I think, is even more significant. We have about 25,000 churches that are signed up. It's individuals and pastors.

So, really, we are acting as the infrastructure for a lot of churches right now in terms of their online video and delivering their online content.

I think that's really important. People aren't picking up on the fact that a good portion of the 800,000 hours of video that we have is being uploaded by churches and embedded into their church Web site or their church blog.

There must, somewhere, be pastors and church staffers who read blogs and think to themselves, Why couldn't we do that for our church. Somewhere.

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